This site attaches great importance to the privacy of users and the protection of personal information. When you use the website, information about you may be collected and used. The Privacy Policy explains to you how this information is collected, used, saved, shared and transferred when you visit ByteBeauty’s websites.

1. How to collect and use your personal information

Network identification information (browser UA, IP address), your geographic location information (specific to city), email address.

When you visit, your personal information will only be used for the following purposes:

Baidu/Google statistical tools will collect your visit information for website optimization and article classification, malicious visit identification (passive, storage, regular system cleaning)
You should know that the following information will be used by the statistics function when you visit: IP address Country Province City Operator Device
When you comment, your personal information will only be collected and used for the following purposes:

The comment uses an anonymous comment system without a login system, and you can fill in real and false information as the display information of your comment. You are encouraged to comment with a nickname that is not easily recognized maliciously, but it is recommended that you fill in your real email address to receive a reply.

When commenting, your Github or Disqus will be recorded (if you fill in Google mailbox or Github or Disqus in the email address), it is convenient to get your avatar. If you use an email but don’t want to display the QQ avatar, you can fill in the email without Github or Disqus. (active, stored)
Your email will be recorded when commenting, and you will be notified by email when I reply (active, stored, not public email)
When commenting, your IP address will be recorded as a basis for anti-spam user identification (passive, storage, IP will not be disclosed)
Comments will record your browser proxy, which is used to display the system version and browser version to display the device you are using, and quickly locate problems (passive, storage)


2. How to use cookies and local LocalStorage storage

In order to realize the functions of no account comments, dark mode switching, and no uv statistics, this site will store locally in your browser. You can clear all cookies and LocalStorage saved in your browser at any time.

For information on how your cookies are used, please visit the Cookies Policy.

About how to clear, enable and manage cookies in Chrome

3. How to share and transfer your personal information

Your personal information will not be shared with any company, organization or individual
Your personal information will not be transferred to any company, organization or individual

4. Affiliate Agreement

When malicious access, malicious requests, malicious attacks, and malicious comments are detected, in order to prevent the scope of damage from increasing, your IP address and access information may be temporarily added to the blacklist for a short period of time, and access will be prohibited in a short period of time.

This blacklist may be disclosed and shared with other sites (the subject is not me) for use, including but not limited to: IP address, device information, geographic location.

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