The great man of chivalry, the benevolent man of the country

Academician Yuan Longping who has made great contributions to our country’s food security and solved the problem of food shortage in the world is a well-known scientist in our country. This year is the first passing anniversary of the birth of Yuan Longping , who is the great father of hybird rice. Here I would like to write an article to show “Yuan Longping in my eyes”.

From 1959 to 1961,the whole country suffered a great famine ,and many people starved to death as a result. Yuan Longping was a young teacher in Hunan Province at the time. He witnessed many people starve to death because of lack of food so that he inspired to help people around the world get rid of hunger. In the following years, he understood from biological principles that in order to solve the problem of rice breeding, a wild male sterile rice variety must be found. Therefore,every time after class,he will ride his beloved motorcycle to the rice fields to find plants that meet the requirements one by one.FInally, the hard work paid off. After 4 years,he finally found this kind of plant that meets the requirements. In 1973, he created a high-yielding hybird rice variety from plant he discovered a few years earlier. This is a good opportunity to make money , and if he apply for a patent ,he can make a lot of money.However , Yuan Longping did not do this.He gave up his personal interests and chose to save the whole world , which reflects his spiritual quality of “reaching and helping the world”. For the next few years,he focused on variety hybird rice varieties until his death.

Yuan Longping is not only a master in technology ,but also in life.He usually likes to play volleyball and swim.When he was in high school ,he won the men’s 100m freestyle championship in Hankou Division and the second place in the Hubei Province men’s 100m freestyle.He also likes music . Every night ,he will play his violin to enjoy the music.At the same time,he is also a very simple person in life.

I think Yuan Longping is a person with qualities of perseverance ,self-reliance,hard work ,selfless dedication, and responsibility.He insisted on solving the world’s food problem and spent his whole life ,so he deserves our respect and learning. These qualities of his are extremely important to our college students.We should integrate his qualities,inherit his will,and use our efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!