Do you remember what it’s like to love someone? Little men and women in love are always sweet, see if you also feel this way, although it doesn’t make sense, but this is the feeling of liking someone!

thinking about TA

When you fall in love with someone, you will think about them all the time, and you will suddenly lose your mind when doing things. When you suddenly come back to your senses, you will find yourself thinking about them again, not to mention when you are free, when you are free, your head I let it go, and my heart is full of TA’s words and frowns.

strange new hobby

When you are fascinated by the TA, you will hope to have the opportunity to chat more with the TA, and also long for the other party to know that you have the same hobbies or something. In short, you are looking forward to chatting! You will frantically go after that hobby, no matter how ugly the chrysanthemum or the ugly music, you will go after it, and even go to the Internet to find comments, so as to share with the TA in your heart~ Moreover, although you work hard to show harmony It’s the same as usual, but your friends know it.

Looking forward to meeting TA

When you fall in love with someone, you always think about me walking here, will you suddenly see him when you turn around, and when you enter a public place where you both go in and out, you will think that he is It is possible that we are here too. Did we happen to meet each other and feel that we have some imaginary symptoms.

suddenly become a stalker

In addition to frequently watching TA’s circle of friends, you will even keep searching for TA-related things, all kinds of things on Weibo, ins, and everything. It’s so easy to track someone these days, and you’re turning into a cute stalker before you know it.

I want to be with TA every day

If you like someone, you will want to be with them every day, date every day, even if you just take a walk holding hands, you will feel very happy. It is best to meet every day.

ecstatic to see TA

When you see TA, you will be very nervous, the deer will jump in your heart, you will secretly look at TA, when TA is there is the happiest moment of your day, if TA sees you, you will think about what to do What topic should I talk about with TA, many things need to be thought over and over again in my heart before I dare to say it.

Suddenly refreshed my three views

Ever since I fell in love with him secretly, things that I used to feel disgusted with, but if he just likes it, everything suddenly becomes reasonable. For example, you hate people who sing and crash the car. Every time you look at the sound, you will complain about a man in leather pants, but when he sings all kinds of insufficiency, you will say that the out of tune is so cute or something.

Will look at TA’s photos and giggle

It is normal for friends to share photos with each other. When you like someone, you will especially like to see their photos, even set them as the screen saver of your phone, and you will smirk when you look at their photos.

Care about all the trends of TA

When you like a person, you will pay too much attention to all the news of the TA, you will pay attention to the behavior of the TA, and when others talk about the TA, you will also prick up your ears, want to know everything that happened to the TA If you hear that he is very close to someone, you will still feel jealous.

No matter what you talk about, you can mention TA

No matter your friends are arguing about your ideals in life, or whether the tofu brain is salty or sweet, you can always bring the topic to them, or ignore what your friends are saying, and try to start your own business. topic, and then received countless surprised or contemptuous eyes hahaha.

I especially like to tease him

If you like a boy, it will also reflect the cat-like nature of a girl, for example, you like to act like a spoiled boy, like to chat with boys, like to be bored with him, like to call him, and so on.

Make every effort to create opportunities to reach each other

When I saw TA holding an empty bottle in the party to throw it away, I immediately poured half a cup of drink into my stomach and went out with TA. Is there any idea? Knowing that TA likes to go to a certain restaurant for dinner at noon, I just sit back and pretend to meet by chance. Wood? Oops, it’s you.