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When I created this site, I wanted to have a place where I could accumulate knowledge and interests. Sharing with others will make these accumulations and precipitations. It must be great if it can help more people and help more people solve their problems.

I started sharing this thing from a very early time. I started with a WeChat public account, and now I am a website. Because I prefer to study digital and software, and want to explore how things are created and developed on the Internet. The Internet has brought me a lot of knowledge and vision, and I also want to share some trivial knowledge of my life as much as I can.

Different from most vertical technical blogs, the types here will be very complicated, with technical tutorials and dry goods, life complaints and coupes, and thoughts and ideas on topics. Usually what I research and find will be shared here.

These are the original intentions of creating this site and the way I share my life. I am fortunate to meet you here, I believe we can leave a good memory together.

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About Me

20 years of contemporary college students, from the Columbia Special Economic Zone of the United States. Currently studying at Civil Aviation University.

Motto: The number of people has no dreams, and a bottle will return the river to the moon

Buff: Metaphysics stream computer problem solving expert, software learning ability MAX, hardware development researcher

Favorite hobbies: singing, digital software and hardware

Favorite game: Crossfire

Favorite music: Chinese pop, Hip-hop, folk songs

Favorite artist: Jay Chou, Tank

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