Copyright Agreement

In order to maintain the quality of articles, maintain the spirit of openness and sharing of the Internet, and maintain the stability of page traffic, all original articles on this site shall adopt the stricter attribution-non-commercial use-prohibition of deduction 4.0 international standard in the cc protocol. This article mainly wants to be able to more clearly introduce the protocol standards and requirements of this site. To facilitate your reasonable use of the articles on this site.

There are a few advertisements embedded on this site but there is no commercial activity. Violating the agreement will not only damage the original author’s creative enthusiasm, but also affect the entire copyright environment. We strongly urge you to abide by the agreement when reprinting. Compliance with the protocol will rarely negatively impact your goals, and an environment that encourages creation is what every creator expects.

Classification of blogs

Experience sharing includes original content. The non-commercial reprint of the original content must be a complete url link with a hyperlink function marked with the source (must be clickable) or a hyperlink to access the original text.

The reprinted content is the reprinted content, and the source is marked. It is recommended to use the original link to open, respect the original author. All reprinted content should be reproduced as complete as possible (if there are some problems with the content, it may be deleted and supplemented by part) and the style should be adjusted to suit this blog. If you reproduce this part of the content, you need to contact the original author.

what can you do?

You are free to share the content of the article - copy, distribute, and distribute this work in any medium and in any form, as long as you comply with the license on this page. And there is no need to notify the author.

What kind of permission do you need to follow?


You must mark the source of the content, and you need to mark the link to the original article at the beginning of the article (or an obvious position) (it is recommended to use hyperlinks to improve the reading experience).

Commercial use prohibited

The content of this site is provided free of charge to all users of the Internet. When sharing articles on this site, commercial use is prohibited, the insertion of advertisements (such as Google ads and Baidu ads) in reprint pages, and the blocking behavior of reading (such as following the official account, after downloading the App) are prohibited. watch the article).

No Derivatives

Share all content (without modification)
You need to mark the link to the original article at the beginning of the article (or an obvious position) (hyperlinks are recommended)

Share some intercepted content or derivative works
At present, the derivatives of all original articles on this site are prohibited from being publicly shared and distributed. If you have better modification suggestions, you can leave a message under the corresponding article. If you have derivative creative needs, you can contact in the comments.

What content will be copyrighted

including but not limited to:
Article cover image
Article title and body
original comment
Site picture material (excluding the theme’s own material)


Based on the principle of friendship and mutual progress, the blogs included in the Friendship Chain of this site allow the sharing and distribution of derivatives of the content of blog articles, but the source still needs to be marked.

In the spirit of the openness of the Internet, you can leave a message below the blog post to request authorization to share and distribute derivatives of the blog post, and mark your website address.

Any image used in this blog is for use within this blog only, sharing and distribution to other pages is prohibited.

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